OHYO Collapsabottle Clear
OHYO CollapsabottleOHYO CollapsabottleOhyo collapsible water bottle clear with green lid BPA free 500ml[1]

OHYO Collapsabottle


Refillable, Squishy & BPA Free

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Product Description

OHYO Collapsabottle

OHYO Collapsabottle

Join the Tap Water Revolution!

OHYO Collapsabottle’s are .. you guessed it .. collapsible water bottles!   Made in the UK (sunny Sheffield to be exact) and designed to be refilled as needed and squished for easy storage when not .. A handy pocket-sized solution to the need for environmentally-unfriendly, bottled water .. and if you are unaware how ‘bad’ bottled water is for the environment, Click Here to see the full horrors and it’ll have you reaching for your nearest friendly tap, every time!

OHYO is carbon neutral after just two refills!

OHYO’s can be used either by removing the full cap .. or, especially handy for kids, by using the handy folding cap spout

What are OHYO made of and how long will an OHYO last?

OHYO Collapsabottle’s are made of BPA Free plastic, are leak resistant and sturdy enough for withstand 1000’s of squishes .. in fact, in tests OHYO have squish-tested bottles more than 10,000 times!   They could have carried on longer, but they got bored .. See the testing process Here .. What Ohyo call, “possibly the most boring movie ever!”

Capacity : 500ml

Bottle : Clear

Lid : Colours vary

Size (Squished): 9cm x 5cm

BPA Free & Dishwasher Safe

OHYO Collapsabottle

Additional Information

Weight 40 g
Dimensions 5 x 10 cm


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