Eco Packaging

Here at Little Green Sub, we pride ourselves on using Eco-friendly Packaging wherever, and whenever, possible ….

If your parcel arrives in a Mailing Bag, it will be Biodegradable .. We have these is a myriad of colours and sizes and all will biodegrade if binned or composted, when their useful life is over

If it comes wrapped in Bubble Wrap, it will be Photodegradable .. (It has a bit of a Green-tinge to it) .. We used to have a love/hate relationship with bubble wrap (we loved the fun of popping it) but we are besotted with this kind .. It is fully Photodegradable and will not clog up landfill .. Pop away!

If it comes in a Cardboard Box, it will often be a recycled one!  We reuse all of our suppliers packing boxes to limit the amount of waste we produce, so chances are, your package will arrive in a second-hand box.  Be assured that it will be packed just as carefully .. It’s simply packing, working that bit harder!!   Cardboard: the most eco-packaging of all .. already recycled from waste paper .. we make sure we make best use of them, before they are recylcled again!

Inside the packaging you may find brown paper or shredded paper; you may even be lucky enough to receive a box packed with our crazy multi-coloured ‘noodles’ … Do not fear good customer … these are made of corn starch and are Biodegradeable too! … You can compost them or you can even dab them in water and they will join together like curvy-eco-Lego (When you get bored you could even let the children have a go! *wink*)

All said, please do not be surprised or worried by what you find beside your fabulous stuff in your parcel.  The loveliest ideal would be if you could recycle or reuse the packaging and give it a happy second (or third or fourth) life.  If you cannot however, no worries, none of our packaging (except the odd bit of sticky tape and we’re working hard on that) will be a burden on our fab and fragile planet.


If you have any suggestions on how we could improve our packaging still and make it even more eco-friendly .. (We love a useful tip or suggestion) .. please do not hesitate to contact us HERE