How green is your valley .. or street .. or beach?

How committed are you to recycling and making a greener world?

You may say “Very”, but a recent incident made me think just how many of us allow our Green-ness, to sneak out beyond our own garden gates?

Here’s our example: On the last school day before the holidays, I was collecting my youngest son from school.  As walked along the road to school I saw a Budweiser* bottle stood against a garden wall and thought,

“Oh dear, someone may come and smash that later, must pick it up on the way back”

Passing the next driveway I could see however that there was a ‘green’ recycling bin almost level with the pavement .. I say ‘green’ cos it was actually ‘burgendy’, as our council call it

“I’ll pop it in there!” I thought.

So i turned around, went back, picked up the bottle .. under the gaze of a slightly bemused lady a few yards behind me .. and quietly, dropped it in the aforementioned ‘green’ bin: a nicely full recycling bin at that .. these home owners were obviously good recycling folk! .. Job done, i thought.

Having walked around a hundred yards however, I heard shouts behind me.

“Oy you!”

I turned around.

Enter angry-faced man, waving a familiar bottle: “I saw you .. you put your bottle in my bin”  He thrust the bottle at me.

Oh dear, he clearly had the wrong end of the stick (or bottle perhaps?).

I carefully explained what i done, surely he would see the reason .. (all again under the view of the bemused lady, who had now stopped in shock at the neighbourhood tableau) .. I thought it better that the bottle be recycled, i told him, than end up broken on his front etc , etc, .. and i had put it in the nearest recycling bin .. namely: his.

“NO!” He simply shouted.  He slammed the bottle on the ground at my feet, “Not in MY bin!” he said and marched off back to his house.

I went on my way .. with the bottle .. and with the slightly bemused lady in full “i saw it all’ flow, of course.

Although an interesting tête-à-tête to pass on in the playground, it made me think.  I had assumed this chap, a keen recycler from the contents of his bin, would not bat an eye, especially after i had explained.  If I see something that is not too grubby and could easily be recycled, or even rubbish, I’ll pick it up.  It makes no difference that it isn’t my rubbish!  Maybe I’m a tad more earthy; a bit of a Womble at heart, but i just think I’d rather it not be there.  His thought was: I recycle mine, but I don’t care out anyone else’s.

It made we wonder what others would do and how far they ‘extend’ their world when it comes to cleaner and greener planet, country, town, neighbourhood … or in this case: street?


On a similar vein .. We have just come back from holiday in Cornwall.  We generally visit the same beaches and are very fond of them .. they are old friends, so to speak .. Should we see any litter, we always try to pick it up.  I think of Surfers Against Sewage’s adage ..

Say thanks to the Sea .. and take home 3

Namely: take home your own rubbish, plus at least three other things.  On our favourite beach in Cornwall, the district wonderfully provide, alongside the normal bins, a whole string on recycling bins on the slip way, therefore beach users can recycle paper, card, plastic and aluminium cans with ease.  On some days we took reclycling, some days rubbish .. Some days just a couple of things, and some days, loads.  Leatherback turtles had been spotted in the sea’s off Cornwall this year, feeding mainly on the glut of jelly-fish at this time of year.  One of their biggest hazards is plastic bags floating in the sea which they mistake for jellies.  This news alone had us picking up every plastic bag, big and small we saw!

We would of course rather rubbish not be left .. we’re no saints, and get annoyed too that people walk off without a thought for what they leave behind .. it does not however trump our desire to pick it up and make ‘good’.

Are we the odd-balls .. or are there others who think the same?

While trawling the internet for ‘beach cleans’ recently, we found this fabulous chap .. Michal .. and his van are travelling the coast of Scotland on a mission to clean up beaches .. Take a look at his blog HERE and be inspired!

A guy and his van. Two months, 30+ Scottish beaches, tons of marine litter.

SurfHelppicture courtesy of Surfhelp

Happy Wombling

* Other beers are available (snigger)

PS …. The weekend after next we’re driving to the East coast to take part in a beach clean organised by the Marine Conservation Society .. See HERE for the full MCS list of their Beachwatch events list this year and there may well be one near you.

Don’t an idler be …


Don’t an idler be ….

Do you sit in your car and let the engine idle, while you’re waiting, for instance, outside school or in a traffic queue?

If so, switching you car off could be a no-brainer way to help the environment, not just from a worldwide point of view, but very much from a cleaner and healthier,  local air quality, point of view!

Outside most US schools, parents are advised to turn off their engines if waiting in their cars for their children.  It is said to significantly benefit the air quality for children with asthma, as well as promoting a better environment for the school children in general

It creates a cleaner air environment and less pollution outside schools .. It saves money and fuel .. and it cuts needless CO2 emissions (we have enough of these already)

The question of why you’re letting your car idle for a long time?  It’s bad for the environment to pump all those extra hydrocarbons into the atmosphere and you’re wasting precious, not to mention expensive gas. Give nature a break and turn it off.

But i want to listen to the radio? 

In truth, listening to a radio with the engine off will use barely use any battery life, even for over 30 mins (and who waits 30 mins?)  Even the aircon, can be run for around 20 minutes, without adverse affect and fans, if set to Eco mode (no cooling) can stay on for longer.  More significantly, idling for a regular periods, is wearing on the engine, regardless of the pollution it causes.   Most modern cars are built to be turned on and off as needed; hence the rise of Stop-Start technology to cut emissions; Significantly, one of the first major Stop-Start vehicles was VW’s Umwelt Golf from 1993!  So switching off you engine as a viable option is nothing new and not ‘harmful’ for older vehicles, it’s simple becoming more popular as we increasingly have to address the damage the combustion engine is doing to our planet’s atmosphere.

If you need further convincing … it will save you MONEY …

Lots of modern cars have what’s known as stop-start technology, which automatically shuts off the engine when the car is stationary to save fuel. If your car doesn’t have this feature, you can still make savings by turning off the ignition yourself.

An idling engine burns around 3.5 litres of fuel an hour so all the time we spend stuck in traffic, waiting at the lights or parked-up with our engines running can add up to a lot of fuel burned and a lot of CO2 released without actually going anywhere.

You can’t turn off your engine every time you come to a standstill but if the car is going to be motionless for more than around 15 seconds, you’ll probably save fuel by turning it off.

Do you bit towards the environment, by doing virtually nothing at all …


Please switch off your engine .. Your children (and the planet) will thank you .. and you’ll save money … *smile*

See …. 20 tips for Better Fuel Economy

Also, if you want to find out more about new Green car technology … See Which’s summary HERE

Look after the Bee’s ….

Bee’s have had a hard time over the last few years and Bee populations in general, have crashed over the last 80 years, especially the Bumblebee; due mainly to changes in farming practices and the scarcity of wildflowers

Bumblebees are mainly under threat because of changes to the countryside in the UK. Changes in agricultural techniques have meant that there are far fewer wildflowers in the landscape than there used to be, meaning that many of our bumblebee species are struggling to survive

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust

See more about their work here …

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust

To do our bit, all this week … Monday April 29th to Sunday May 6th .. we’re giving away a FREE UrbanBee SeedBOM with every order .. produced by SeedBOM in coordination with The London Honey Co. … The Urban BeeBOM contains a mix of Bee friendly, nectar rich wildflowers

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Urban BeeBOM


True Colours?

I was shocked by the results of a recent survey online by Karen Haller stating that 75% of UK households tend to favour magnolia colour schemes, rather than stamping their own personality or colour favs, on their homes, because they are primarily colours that others will love, be they neighbours, friends or even, prospective buyers … !

Also a vast 56% admitted to buying ‘unadventurous’ homewares and accessories to match their safe-bet interiors … and a worrying 47% furnished their homes with it’s re-sale potential in mind, further allowing their tastes and indeed, their home ‘life’ to be dictated by what they think others would prefer

Rather unsurprisingly therefore, 26% of householders said they were unhappy with at least 2 rooms in their homes!

It has long been known that both colour in our environment* and expressing yourself creatively*, are both very beneficial … and certainly something we should indulge ourselves in within our homes   It is sad to think that so many householders are not thinking of themselves when furnishing their homes .. Our homes should be our sanctuary as well as being somewhere we can be ourselves .. Not just in ourselves, but in what we choose to live with!   Where are our true colours?  Where’s our fun and satisfaction of living in a home we’ve created for us to enjoy?










Hunting around our home, I have tamed my colour-cravings in the paint department .. There is the odd orange or green wall in the children’s rooms, but largely the walls are, if not the dreaded magnolia, at least neutral or pale shades.  What I have not allowed however, in both the furnishing and accessories department, is that my love of colour be contained within the same lifeless, and let’s face it, sober palette!

Pale, neutral, or even plain white walls, are great as a starting canvas … and also, if you love beige, then blaze (beigely) ahead and fill your home with what makes you happy .. but it seems a sad sacrifice if you love colour, to live day-in and day-out, in a sterilised world fit for your friends, you Jones-esque neighbours and worst of all, your home’s imaginary-everyman-next-owner!

Come the home selling revolution, you should also credit the buyer with some sense of imagination to see past the furnishings, the accessories and even the odd cheeky or garish, feature wall .. If I was buying, i would rather to buy an indulged and vibrant home, than a bland median of all that is safe

Go against the much-of-a-muchness magnolia tide good folk .. Make a loved, fun, colourful .. and happy home .. Just for YOU! … *smile*



Little Green Sub


*Colour Therapy at Home


Some you win!


… or rather some YOU win …

As promised we are launching our Facebook 100 Competition .. We need your help to notch up our first 100 Likes on the lovely Little Green Sub Facebook Like-o-meter .. Shouldn’t be too tricky we hope .. As a prize carrot we are going to give one Lucky Liker a £20 Little Green Sub Gift Voucher to spend on whatever they please on our site .. All we ask is that you Like and Share our Facebook page for a chance of winning .. by the magic of Facebook, we’ll post the winner once we reach the magic 100! .. Good Luck!

… and indeed some you lose …


The Apprentice (dun-der-dun-der-dun-der-dun .. sorry, couldn’t help it) is back and already we is glued .. Tuesday’s opener of the thinking person’s equivalent of You’ve Been Framed, saw us confronted with, amongst others, That-was-me-I-did-that-Neil, Dr Leah, Posh Jason, Big-eyed Luisa, straight-out-of-a-novel-name-man “Myles Mourdant“(sorry we refuse to believe that’s his real name), pimped-brow Alex, Sales-ice-queen Rebecca and Tim nice-but .. EXCITABLE!  Our goodwill soon turned towards the lovely Tim .. like a keen-to-please puppy, he even apologised to Lord Sugar when he hadn’t been naughty .. What a start!  We looked forward to his bobbing, giddiness in this week’s bumper second installment and we were rewarded when he was put in charge of the girls on the “Flavoured Beer Task’.  Our joy though, soon turned to pity as we watched the lamb Tim in charge of his lady-wolf pack.  To spare you the obvious references to the lack of organised drinking in brewing establishments, they began by failing to organise a small amount of Maths in a few litres of beer!   They then barreled (sorry) off to the smallest beer festival in the world: Not even a Beer garden; more of a Beer Patio!  It careered downhill all too quickly from then on, the hopeless (or should that be hop-less?) situation, going from bad to worse.  When the final pointy finger loomed, we begged at the screen: Noooooo .. Fire Francesca: her eye-liner’s too scarey! …… Roll on next week .. We is bowed but not broken .. we will be back to watch again and we thinks our favour is now turning towards Welshman, Alex .. For all his strange facial accoutrements, we feel he may be the very shiney-haired dark-horse of the race

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This weeks little stage show (we’re wearing our tap shoes – are you?) of a product we’re giddy about is …….


Alison Hardcastle’s Handmade Bright Idea’s NOTEBOOK with LIGHTBULB Stickers …… What your whimsical thoughts have been waiting for!

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