About us

Our History

Little Green Sub was founded in 2012 with the aim of gathering together a body of products, that were practical, ethical and of course, fabulous!  While design is important to us, and while we stock many wonderfully designed products, we shy away from calling ourselves ‘design-led’.  Instead what leads us, is the humble approach of finding quality products, ethically produced and sourced, that simply ‘do the job’ well, while looking good to boot!  Oh, and if we can spread a little colour on the way, more the marvellous-ness!

We only sell Fabulous Stuff!

We are indeed, a bit obsessed with quality.  We hate buying anything that does not fit the purpose .. that fails to last .. or that plain doesn’t live up to our expectations!  Therefore we wouldn’t sell something that we thought might let you down or disappoint you.  Instead we hunt down, fabulous, practical, purposeful and sometimes, just plain fun products to fill your homes.  We want you to be excited and thrilled with the things you buy; and so you should be!  Much of what we sell has been tried and tested in our own homes, therefore we are confident of the products we sell.  Our rule of thumb is: If we wouldn’t be happy to buy it (and we is really picky): We won’t sell it to you!

We LOVE Colour!

You may have already guessed this one .. We believe that whether you have a little, or a LOT: Colour is good for you!   No we don’t have any scientific facts or boffin-speak to back up this outrageous claim, however we know this: Dogs see in black and white (where’s that ball?) .. Birds see in black and white (I’m a Peacock you say?) .. even brainy Dolphins see in black and white (where did all those red fish go?).  We humans however see in wonderful colour, and thank goodness for that!  If you still question whether colour is good for you; think how you feel next time you see a rainbow .. or a really big pile of Smarties?

Our Eco-Ethical-Philosophy

We think A LOT about our impact ecologically and therefore tip the balance of our products towards items that are recycled and/or can be recycled, when their useful life is over.  Where we do stock ‘man-made’ items, we ensure they are of a quality that enables the longest useful life possible or products that in themselves, reduce the need for other, more wasteful products.  All our packaging materials are either recyclable or biodegradable too, to make the least impact on the environment once discarded.  Many of our products, wonderfully, are made in the UK.  If we stock products from outside the UK, we ensure we know the provenance of them: Where they were made; who made them; were they paid a fair wage, etc.  All-in-all, we take our commitment to our fabulous and fragile planet, and our fellow planet’eers, very seriously .. it’s just a pity we couldn’t be as serious in some of our product descriptions .. *wink*

Our website

We hope it is a fun and colourful place to come to, as well as a place to shop.  We aim to provide a safe and easy shopping experience.  If at any time you wish to request more information on any of our products, have a query, or just want to ask a question (no maths ones please) please do not hesitate to contact us HERE