True Colours?

I was shocked by the results of a recent survey online by Karen Haller stating that 75% of UK households tend to favour magnolia colour schemes, rather than stamping their own personality or colour favs, on their homes, because they are primarily colours that others will love, be they neighbours, friends or even, prospective buyers … !

Also a vast 56% admitted to buying ‘unadventurous’ homewares and accessories to match their safe-bet interiors … and a worrying 47% furnished their homes with it’s re-sale potential in mind, further allowing their tastes and indeed, their home ‘life’ to be dictated by what they think others would prefer

Rather unsurprisingly therefore, 26% of householders said they were unhappy with at least 2 rooms in their homes!

It has long been known that both colour in our environment* and expressing yourself creatively*, are both very beneficial … and certainly something we should indulge ourselves in within our homes   It is sad to think that so many householders are not thinking of themselves when furnishing their homes .. Our homes should be our sanctuary as well as being somewhere we can be ourselves .. Not just in ourselves, but in what we choose to live with!   Where are our true colours?  Where’s our fun and satisfaction of living in a home we’ve created for us to enjoy?










Hunting around our home, I have tamed my colour-cravings in the paint department .. There is the odd orange or green wall in the children’s rooms, but largely the walls are, if not the dreaded magnolia, at least neutral or pale shades.  What I have not allowed however, in both the furnishing and accessories department, is that my love of colour be contained within the same lifeless, and let’s face it, sober palette!

Pale, neutral, or even plain white walls, are great as a starting canvas … and also, if you love beige, then blaze (beigely) ahead and fill your home with what makes you happy .. but it seems a sad sacrifice if you love colour, to live day-in and day-out, in a sterilised world fit for your friends, you Jones-esque neighbours and worst of all, your home’s imaginary-everyman-next-owner!

Come the home selling revolution, you should also credit the buyer with some sense of imagination to see past the furnishings, the accessories and even the odd cheeky or garish, feature wall .. If I was buying, i would rather to buy an indulged and vibrant home, than a bland median of all that is safe

Go against the much-of-a-muchness magnolia tide good folk .. Make a loved, fun, colourful .. and happy home .. Just for YOU! … *smile*



Little Green Sub


*Colour Therapy at Home