Some you win!


… or rather some YOU win …

As promised we are launching our Facebook 100 Competition .. We need your help to notch up our first 100 Likes on the lovely Little Green Sub Facebook Like-o-meter .. Shouldn’t be too tricky we hope .. As a prize carrot we are going to give one Lucky Liker a £20 Little Green Sub Gift Voucher to spend on whatever they please on our site .. All we ask is that you Like and Share our Facebook page for a chance of winning .. by the magic of Facebook, we’ll post the winner once we reach the magic 100! .. Good Luck!

… and indeed some you lose …


The Apprentice (dun-der-dun-der-dun-der-dun .. sorry, couldn’t help it) is back and already we is glued .. Tuesday’s opener of the thinking person’s equivalent of You’ve Been Framed, saw us confronted with, amongst others, That-was-me-I-did-that-Neil, Dr Leah, Posh Jason, Big-eyed Luisa, straight-out-of-a-novel-name-man “Myles Mourdant“(sorry we refuse to believe that’s his real name), pimped-brow Alex, Sales-ice-queen Rebecca and Tim nice-but .. EXCITABLE!  Our goodwill soon turned towards the lovely Tim .. like a keen-to-please puppy, he even apologised to Lord Sugar when he hadn’t been naughty .. What a start!  We looked forward to his bobbing, giddiness in this week’s bumper second installment and we were rewarded when he was put in charge of the girls on the “Flavoured Beer Task’.  Our joy though, soon turned to pity as we watched the lamb Tim in charge of his lady-wolf pack.  To spare you the obvious references to the lack of organised drinking in brewing establishments, they began by failing to organise a small amount of Maths in a few litres of beer!   They then barreled (sorry) off to the smallest beer festival in the world: Not even a Beer garden; more of a Beer Patio!  It careered downhill all too quickly from then on, the hopeless (or should that be hop-less?) situation, going from bad to worse.  When the final pointy finger loomed, we begged at the screen: Noooooo .. Fire Francesca: her eye-liner’s too scarey! …… Roll on next week .. We is bowed but not broken .. we will be back to watch again and we thinks our favour is now turning towards Welshman, Alex .. For all his strange facial accoutrements, we feel he may be the very shiney-haired dark-horse of the race

To brighten our mood, the spotlight this week is shone on our beloved RICE Melamine Cups .. Available in 18 Colours, plus Special Edition 6-cup sets .. Made by RICE Denmark, this long-lasting Danish dishware lives up to all it’s Melaminey promises .. Only the most hardened soul’s mood could fail to be lifted by these .. See
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Little Green Sub … ッ