We’re Open!

There was a cutting of a virtual ribbon … and the pulling down of a virtual big rusty lever … and Ta-da! … We is open!

Fabulous to be finally opening our doors and showing all the lovely stuff we have been stashing away .. Fab new stuff from CLOCKWORK Soldier, MrPS and Best Years .. No plan to stop there either .. in the coming weeks we’ll be bringing on board all manner of lovely stuff from the likes of Jane Foster and 1973 .. Watch this space, as they say

This weeks little stage show (we’re wearing our tap shoes – are you?) of a product we’re giddy about is …….


Alison Hardcastle’s Handmade Bright Idea’s NOTEBOOK with LIGHTBULB Stickers …… What your whimsical thoughts have been waiting for!

The Facebook page is up and mingling too … pop over and like us, if you would be so kind .. We’ll be running a Facebook Competition next week for you to look out for too .. See next weeks Blog for details

Shuffle over to the lovely PINTEREST if you are so inclined

Something Strange

We know it’s not a REAL pinboard and we know it’s not REAL, actual work .. but if backed into a corner (wearing a dressing gown and cradling your ipad) you could argue it is a darn-sight more productive than Candy Crush!

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